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foods that boost your libido

Top 10 Foods That Will Boost Your Libido And Relationship

Do you want to add a little more energy to your bedroom performance? Boost your libido? Listen up!

It sucks when you cannot satisfy your partner sexually, and it’s equally frustrating to your partner, only that they won’t tell you. 

The fact is, the low sexual drive can rain havoc in any relationship. So one of the questions you keep asking yourself is, what have you not been doing right? What could you do to change the situation?

The good news is, sometimes the answer is right there before your eyes. In most cases, the answer is in the food you take. But then, not all foods you take will increase your libido.

What Foods Will Help You Get Hard?

To answer this question, you have to understand what goes on in your body to elicit an election. First, the process is catalyzed by hormones that bring about arousal, leading to increased blood flow to the sexual organs. 

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone, and a decrease in its concentration could lead to a low sex drive. Therefore, it’s advisable to occasionally take foods that increase testosterone, such as low-fat milk, cereals, beef, and egg yolk.

The ability of blood to flow freely to the genitals is also vital, and its obstruction could lead to erectile dysfunction and hence poor sexual performance. 

The whole process is supported by essential minerals, vitamins, and other essential elements derived from the foods we eat. Examples of these elements are potassium, boron, histamines, vitamin b6, vitamin c, among many others that you will find here.

These elements aid in dilating blood vessels, producing sex hormones commonly known as gonadotrophins and muscle contractions. 

Since sexual arousal is also mood-dependent, some foods make you sexually excited by acting on certain hormones. For example, foods that increase the concentration of dopamine, also known as the pleasure chemicals, are likely to get you into a sexual mood.

Foods that provide you with these essential elements are best to have when looking to boost your libido and improve your bedroom game.

Here Are the 10 Best Foods That Help Boost Your Libido

1. Taking Greens to Boost Libido

Greens, for example, spinach and kales, play a significant role in boosting your libido. That is because they provide the body with boron, histamine, and potassium. Boron is a mineral that helps in the synthesis of

testosterone from DHEA. On the other hand, testosterone is one of the hormones that promote sexual desire. Women with higher levels of testosterone have a higher sex drive, and the same applies to men.

Boron also increases estrogen concentration in women. Estrogen is a hormone known to also increase sexual desires in women.

Potassium is another essential mineral also found in greens(like spinach, kale, and other vegetables). It’s good for lowering blood pressure in hypertensive individuals through vasodilatation. This process enhances blood flow to the peripheral organs, including the sex organs, thus boosting your libido. 

Histamines, on the other hand, promote androgen synthesis. Androgens are involved in the induction and maintenance of an erection. Histamines are also known to promote stronger orgasms.

2. Taking Nuts Will Boost Your Libido

Examples of nuts that promote libido are cashew nuts and peanuts.

These foods provide the body with zinc, an essential mineral in the production of testosterone which is responsible for sex drive.

Surprisingly, deficiency of zinc affects the sense of smell and hence reduces arousal. What could be more arousing than a sweet seductive fragrance on your partner? Make sure to take enough zinc if you want to keep enjoying that arousing smell.

Nuts also contain omega 3, which relaxes blood vessels, enhancing blood flow to the sexual organs during heated moments. Omega-3 is also known to increase the concentration of dopamine in the brain and the mood hormones. Other sources of omega-3 are flaxseed and plant oils, for example, soybean oil.

3. Dark Chocolate

With dark chocolate, it’s all about the elevation of mood and desire. This explains why women tend to love a bar of chocolate. To explain this, chocolate increases the pleasure hormone dopamine. It’s this hormone that sets things in motion because you just can’t have sex with a gloomy face. 

Dark chocolate also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. In these days where stress is part and parcel of our lives, you can do with every bit of help you get to lighten up your mood.

Chocolate is also a rich source of phenylethylamine, also known as the molecule of love. This compound is produced when you are in love. It increases your physical and emotional energy and is responsible for the mesmerization you feel when you look at your darling. It’s therefore correct to say chocolate is the perfect sex aphrodisiac.

Other foods that make you sexually excited are coffee, red wine in moderation, honey, and strawberries.

4. Beets for Boosting Libido

Beets provide nitrates to your body which are converted to nitric oxide. The science behind sexual arousal mainly revolves around blood circulation. Nitric oxide expands blood vessels. That, in turn, reduces blood pressure and enhances the supply of blood to the penis, which helps you achieve an erection. 

On the other hand, it enhances the supply of blood to the vaginal region for the ladies enabling them to get sexually aroused. Examples of beets are avalanche, Chioggia, Crosby Egyptian, golden Detroit, just to mention a few. 

Beet juice has massive benefits to people with erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure. So if you are looking to improve your sexual drive, this is one type of food you cannot afford to miss your diet.

5. Taking Cereals to Boost Libido

Cereals like oats and corn also boosts libido by supplying your body with amino acids. For example, the amino acid d-aspartic acid found in cereals stimulates the production of testosterone.

Fortified cereals also provide vitamin d, which is essential for the production of estrogen and progesterone. 

In addition, cereals tend to boost your energy levels. So you have to think twice before skipping breakfast cereals if trying to keep your libido in check.

6. Bananas Boost Your Libido

Bananas provide a wide variety of essential nutrients that aid in boosting libido. These include magnesium, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamin b6, vitamin c, and serotonin. 

Magnesium aids in the production of sex hormones and also inhibits the binding of testosterone to proteins. Increased levels of free testosterone heighten your sexual desires and hence increases libido. 

Magnesium also calms the nervous system and prevents the creation of stress hormones. Unfortunately, being nervous can cause a loss of interest in sexual activities. That tells you why you need to consume more magnesium-rich foods.

The potassium in bananas, on the other hand, helps in the production of testosterone. Vitamin b6 and vitamin c as well promote sperm health and motility. Tryptophan is another component found in bananas that aids in the production of serotonin. Serotonin improves mood and libido. And the carbohydrates provide the much-needed energy for satisfying sex.

7. Seafood 

Seafood like oysters provides the body with omega 3, zinc, vitamin b6, and they are also effective antioxidants. 

The nutrients and minerals in oysters support the production of sex hormones and reduce the risk of obstructed blood flow. Consequently, the body responds better to sexual stimulation. As a result, you can gain and sustain an erection till orgasm. 

Oysters also cause an increase in dopamine levels that is also an essential factor in boosting libido in both genders.

Oysters may have toxic effects when taken raw and so should always be consumed while cooked. Other seafood that proves beneficial to libido is salmon, anchovies, and Herrin.

8. Garlic Will Boost Your Libido

Though it’s not the aphrodisiac of choice before the date due to its awful after-taste and bad breath, garlic has immense benefits when looking to boost your libido. 

It contains allicin that improves blood flow to the sexual organs. In addition, it acts as an antioxidant hence reduces cholesterol and enhances blood flow.

Garlic also provides nitrates which are essential vasodilators beneficial to hypertensive patients.

It increases the concentration of estrogen in women promoting their sex drive further. You need to consider taking some garlic if you wish to improve your bedroom game.

9. Watermelon

Watermelon contains citrulline, which is converted to arginine that aids in vasodilatation. 

It has antioxidant activity, thus reducing cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels. That improves your overall blood supply to the sexual organs. 

This is the primary benefit that patients with erectile dysfunction can derive from taking watermelon. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to add a slice of watermelon to your daily diet if there is a possibility of regaining your libido, right?

10. Chili and Peppers

Peppers enhance blood circulation, which you so much need to get aroused. They also stimulate the production of endorphins which get you in a good mood for sex. 

Alongside the seductive red color, chili also contains capsaicin which increases the heart rate. 

In previous studies, Low resting heart rate has been associated with erectile dysfunction in women. A little pumping effect of garlic could boost your libido. 

Taking these kinds of foods could improve your sex drive, however… 

There Are Also Spoiler Foods That You Should Avoid While Trying to Improve Your Sex Drive

Such includes processed foods, for example, white flour. During processing, vital nutrients like zinc are eliminated from flour. You don’t need to fill your belly with foods that will not add value to the sex drive you wish to achieve. 


Bhang is also a culprit. Marijuana has continuously been discredited for use because the risks it poses to your health outweigh the benefits. Marijuana does not spare your

reproductive health either. It is known to reduce testosterone, and you don’t want to risk that while trying to build your sex drive.


Though small amounts of alcohol are said to get you in the mood for sex, excessive alcohol leads to decreased sex drive because alcohol is a depressant. But then again, you have to remember the harmful effects that overconsumption of alcohol poses to your liver.

Avoid Mint

Some people may find it nice to have some mint for some sexy breathe before a date, but mint decreases testosterone levels and might significantly affect your sex drive.

Canned Foods 

They contain sodium and could also lead to an increase in blood pressure. This suppresses blood supply to the sexual organs causing massive failure while trying to achieve an erection. 

Excessive Salts 

Consuming too much salt leads to increased blood pressure due to the high sodium content in salt. The result is a conflicted ability to achieve an erection.


Sugars, on the other hand, cause an increase in insulin required for metabolism. High levels of insulin decrease the concentration of testosterone and thus altering your sex drive.

Saturated Fats 

Saturated fats also cause clogging of blood vessels due to the accumulation of cholesterol, hindering the supply of blood to your sexual organs. This suppresses the ability to achieve an erection.

As you can see, libido is majorly dependent on blood flow and mood. 

The common causes of erectile dysfunction are heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, and stress. Therefore, you should strive to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid the risk of getting these lifestyle diseases that could potentially ruin your sex drive. Additionally, avoid stressful situations to maintain a high sex drive.


Sex is the most enjoyable exercise, and you need to have it regularly to relieve stress. But a low sex drive could deny you the chance to enjoy this immense pleasure and the benefits that comes from it. Additionally, low libido could potentially ruin your relationship. 

You need to check on the foods you eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid lifestyle diseases that could lead to low libido. 

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone. People with high levels of this hormone have a high sex drive. Taking foods that increase your levels of testosterone regularly will boost your sex drive. Consider also taking foods that increase dopamine to enhance your mood.

Foods that are known to increase your sex drive include greens that give you boron and potassium. 

Nuts provide you with zinc and omega-3 that promote the production of testosterone and enhance blood flow.

Dark chocolate helps get you in a good mood for sex alongside honey, red wine, coffee, and strawberries.

Beets and beet juice provide your body with nitrates essential for vasodilatation. They, therefore, promote increased blood supply to the sexual organs. 

Cereals are a good source of energy, and d-aspartic acid, an amino acid that promotes the synthesis of testosterone which you need to boost libido.

Bananas provide your body with potassium and magnesium. Magnesium promotes the production of testosterone and calms the nervous system.

Seas foods are potent antioxidants that help in blood flow. For example, garlic provides your body with nitrates. The citrulline found in watermelon is an effective vasodilator. Chili, on the other hand, stimulates the production of sex hormones and increases the heart rate.

Taking processed foods, marijuana, and excessive salt could lead to a low sex drive. Alcohol is a depressant and could also decrease libido when used excessively. In addition, saturated fats cause the accumulation of cholesterol which causes blood flow obstruction.

If you are looking to increasing your sex drive, consider taking these 10 foods that boost libido and see just how amazing your love life will turn out to be.

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