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The Health Benefits of Sex Toys

The Health Benefits of Sex Toys

Sex keeps any relationship alive and healthy. But then some instances hinder sexual satisfaction like diseases or long-distance relationships and that’s where sex toys come in to save the day. 

If these are your predicaments, you shouldn’t worry since sex toys are here to give you pleasure in the presence or absence of your partner. 

With a sex toy, you’ll stimulate your sex organs and orgasm, bringing a lot of benefits to your body. So, what are the health benefits of sex toys? Read on and understand why you should include sex toys in your romance life.

Ideal for Your Mental Well Being

Whenever you use sex toys, you’re sure of pleasure and satisfaction, which in turn brings joy. That is because of the production of oxytocin and serotonin, which are feel-good hormones. 

When you’re satisfied sexually, your stress level reduces, which helps you mentally. Also, achieving orgasm is considered a mood booster, making you happy all through. 

You can try any of these top 10 adult toys and see a significant change in your sex life. In addition, sex toys help you orgasm, which leads to better sleep that’s good for your mental health.

Helps You Sleep Better

If you use sex toys regularly, you’ll enjoy quality sleep because of the orgasm. When you orgasm, your body produces a sleep-inducing hormone known as melatonin and oxytocin. 

This hormone will make you sleep better, resulting in a productive day. Better sleep means you’ll be in a good mood the following day. It will also help boost your immunity, can prevent weight gain, and improve your memory. 

Improves Your Hearts Health

A healthy heart is a healthy person. Maintaining a healthy heart is never easy in this era full of stress and other risk factors. However, using sex toys will help you improve your heart’s health because of the endorphins responsible for your happiness. 

The more you use sex toys, the higher your chances of orgasm, resulting in a healthier heart.

It Helps You Keep Your Vagina Healthy

Using any sex toy can help you improve your vagina’s cleanliness. Remember, a dirty vagina can lead to infection and a bad smell. When you use a sex toy, your body gets aroused, leading to the secretion of secretions around the vagina lining. 

The secretion makes the area moist, increasing your vagina’s elasticity. During this process, the unwanted cervical fluids get out of the body preventing infections. Vaginal elasticity also prevents injuries resulting in a healthy vagina.

Recommended for Menstrual Pain Reduction

Most women experience pain while cramping, which at times can be unbearable. If you want to reduce this pain, masturbate using a sex toy. The sex toy helps activate the brain section that’s responsible for pain reduction. 

When you’re sexually aroused, your body releases endorphins which help relax the nerve impulses that cause either joint pains or headache. 

It Increases the Level of Intimacy Between You and Your Partner

Intimacy between couples is always a challenge as you might fear to express yourself to your partner freely. 

With sex toys, you’ll learn how to express yourself freely and release your sexual fantasies, making both of you satisfied. Knowing what your partner wants will also increase the sexual urge between you, which increases the intimacy level. 

Increased intimacy helps build your relationship, makes you feel worthy, and increases the trust level between you two.

It Helps Reduce the Effects of Menopause

It’s evident that women in their menopausal age experience low libido and less lubrication. That makes them tight in their vagina, something that makes penetration painful. However, with a sex toy, these will be old stories to you. 

To avert this condition, buy the proper sex toy to meet your demands and hit the right spots. Sex toys can also help women with menopausal conditions like vaginal atrophy, resulting from either vaginismus or vulvodynia. 

If you’re in menopause, you’re likely to have little or no sleep and sweat. Using sex toys can help change these conditions as they boost the production of sleep hormones and reduce sweating. 

Ideal for Controlling the Bladder

When you use sex toys, they’ll help you achieve orgasm, making your pelvic region exercise. Doing this will help keep your pelvic floor strong, reducing the chances of leaking in old age when you try jacks. 

Having a strong pelvic will also help you have a stronger orgasm which is good for your health.

Will Help You Explore Your Pleasure Zones

Who said sex should be boring and with limits? Go beyond that and have some fun using any sex toy of your choice. Having a sex toy like a rabbit vibrator will help you stimulate yourself externally and internally. 

Through this, you’ll be able to hit your g spot and get a mind-blowing orgasm, which will be good health-wise. In addition, you can use the sex toy to identify and explore your erogenous areas, which increases the level of intimacy. 

Identifying your pleasure zones will help you understand what turns you on and make sex great.

It Helps Increase Foreplay

Most women don’t enjoy sex because of a lack of foreplay. However, using a sex toy will help you enjoy foreplay which leads to orgasm. Remember, it’s challenging for any woman to orgasm through penetration only. 

The foreplay will also help you lubricate, reducing the chances of painful penetration. It also helps grow the intimacy level between partners which makes your relationship stronger. 

Can Help You Lose Some Calories

Wondering how this is possible? Whenever you have a satisfactory sex session, your body will lose some calories. 

Remember, an excellent sexual experience involves the heart and most of the body parts. When you use sex toys, it will also put your heart into exercise since it stimulates the right parts. 

Through the cardio exercises, you’ll be able to lose some calories helping you keep healthy. In addition, the pleasure from the sex toys is more enjoyable and satisfying than that from the gym.

Increases the Bond Between You and Your Partner

Sex can easily become a chore, and the interest in this act may fade away after some time. However, introducing sex toys in the bedroom will do wonders for both of you. It will help you rediscover your sexual fantasies, increasing the bond between you. 

All you need to do is have no boundaries using these toys but be comfortable and consult your partner beforehand. 

A Good Booster of Sexual Confidence

If you find it hard to be free with your sexual partner, try using a sex toy. It will help you discover your erotic spots leading to an increase in your confidence level. 

Whenever you’re sexually stimulated, you’ll find yourself open up to your partner and show them what you want to be done to you. 

That will help you boost your sexual confidence resulting in a sexier and attractive partner. Being confident in the bedroom will help you try new things and have fun to your satisfaction.

It Improves the Sex Duration Hence Increase in Sexual Pleasure

Whenever you use a sex toy, you’re able to control your orgasm. That is because these devices have settings that you or your partner controls. Through the setting, you can delay orgasm to increase your sexual satisfaction. 

Also, it’s possible to delay ejaculation, which ensures both partners enjoy the precious moments. When you last longer, it means you’ll be sexually satisfied and be a happy couple. 

Note that men suffer from sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, which toys such as constriction rings can help change. A sexually satisfied partner is a happy soulmate.

Improves Your Sexual Performance

Some sex toys can massage and stimulate you at the same time. Others also do what your partner commands, making it possible for both of you to achieve your sexual fantasies. 

When you use the sex toys over time, you’ll get the courage to do some of the things on your partner, increasing your sexual performance. 

Sex Toys Helps You Have Great Sex

If you wish to enjoy some great sex, try using sex toys. These toys are capable of hitting spots your partner may fail to reach. Also, it helps both of you discover what turns you on, which will lead to both of you having great sex. 

If you have great sex and achieve orgasm, you’ll be able to be in the right mood, sleep better, and with less stress. 

Improve the Blood Flow to Various Parts of The Body

When you use a sex toy, the chances of experiencing orgasm are high. Through orgasm, your blood flow to various body parts will increase. An increase in blood flow improves your health and also makes some organs perform better. 

If you’re approaching menopausal age or using birth control pills and breastfeeding, try using sex toys and see significant sexual improvement. 

After giving birth, you’re likely to use birth control pills. Unfortunately, these pills interfere with your hormones leading to low libido or orgasm. 

When you have low libido, sexual satisfaction will be a thing of the past. However, if you want to revive your old you and enjoy sex, use sex toys and orgasm to your joy. 

Sex Toys Improve Your Brain’s Health

Many life challenges can interfere with the health of your brain, leading to a sick being. To improve your brain’s health, use sex toys to masturbate. Through this, you’ll get an orgasm, which will help activate many parts of the brain. 

When your brain is active, a lot of oxygen will get through, leading to better memory and decision-making. A better performing brain means you’re a healthy person who is ready to face life challenges with courage. 

Best for Treating Some Medical Conditions 

Some medical conditions like vaginismus make a woman’s vaginal muscles tighten up involuntarily. 

This condition makes it hard for penetration to take place during sex as it will be painful. However, using sex toy-like vibrators can help change the situation by opening up the vagina. 

For the vagina to open up, start using a thinner vibrator, then proceed to bigger ones. Having vaginismus can be frustrating and deny you the chance to enjoy sex and its benefits. But with the help of a sex toy, you’ll be able to orgasm and boost your sexual confidence. 

How Men Benefit Health Wise from The Sex Toys

For a long time, there has been stereotype on use of sex toys, especially by men. However, things are changing, and men are now experimenting with different sex toys which help them rediscover themselves. 

Using sex toys like a prostate massager can help you not only to orgasm but also health-wise. 

The prostate, which acts as the g spot in men stores semen, and also protects the sperms. If you massage this gland with a sex toy, it will release semen helping the prostrate to cleanse. 

However, not rubbing it can lead to pain, swelling, or bacteria build-up. In addition, when you ignore your prostate for long, it can lead to prostatitis, prostate cancer, or problems ejaculating. 

At times you might have regular urination at night, which interferes with your sleep. Not massaging the prostate also causes difficulties erecting and increases the intensity of ejaculation. Note that the sex toys feel comfortable and easy to use, so you’ll not feel it inside you. 

Tips on How to Maintain the Sex Toys to Avoid Getting Health Complications

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of a sex toy, there are things you should do for it. First, ensure you clean it properly to avoid getting infections. 

Use warm soapy water to clean the whole of it after every use, not forgetting its handle. Next, ensure you rinse it well, then dry it with a clean towel before storing them. 

Finally, remember to keep them in a clean and dry place.

It’s advisable to bathe before and after using the sex toys to avoid getting infections. That can be challenging if you get horny during some hours of the day, but wiping your sexual organs can do. 

In addition, bacteria or viruses in your sexual organs can be transferred from you to your partner and vice versa. So, it’s important to bathe before enjoying your sexual pleasures. 

Avoid sharing sex toys to reduce the chances of transferring infections which can be hard to treat. If you have to share them, ensure you use a condom to protect your partner from health risks. 

Buy the correct size of sex toys

Having an oversize sex toy can cause you injuries, leading to severe infections if not attended to on time.

Be careful when using sex toys during pregnancy, especially high-risk pregnancies which can lead to complications. Also, be gentle while using a sex toy in pregnancy since your vagina becomes more sensitive during this period. 

Select the materials of sex toys carefully

Imagine using a sex toy made of glass! How safe will you be if it breaks inside your body? What if the material has health risks? If you want to buy a sex toy, ensure it’s a body-safe sex toy with no harmful chemicals that can interfere with your health. 

All you need from the sex toy is pleasure and satisfaction and not to come out with health complications that are hard to treat. You can consider using a 100% silicon sex toy or one that’s phthalates-free.  


Sex toys not only help you achieve sexual satisfaction but it also beneficial for your health. A sex toy can help you relieve stress, discover your erogenous spots and be sexually confident. 

It will also help you reduce pain and improve the performance of some body parts. But ensure you keep your sex toy clean and in the right place to avoid getting infections.

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