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natural ED treatments

10 Natural ED Treatments to Help Your Sex Life

Did you know that one in three men may be affected by erectile dysfunction? If you happen to be one of those affected, then you know that living with ED is no joke. It can eliminate or seriously reduce any pleasure you might enjoy during sex. Worse, it may cause feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy. If this sounds […]

ED Cures

A Guide to the Top Sex Toys for Men with ED

At least 30 million men are living with erectile dysfunction in the United States. If you suffer from ED, you owe it to yourself to see what sex toys can do for you. While sex toys aren’t ED Cures, they can definitely help you have a satisfying sex life, one that’s full of intimacy. The […]

Bluetooth Vibrators

Looking for a Vibrator? Why You Should Consider a Smart Vibrator by

Whenever you check out the sex toy market one thing is for sure and it’s that the options are truly endless. Because of the variety of options out there choosing the right sex toy for your intimate needs can become more challenging than it needs to be. That’s where we come in. Below you’re going to […]

foods that boost your libido

Top 10 Foods That Will Boost Your Libido And Relationship

Do you want to add a little more energy to your bedroom performance? Boost your libido? Listen up! It sucks when you cannot satisfy your partner sexually, and it’s equally frustrating to your partner, only that they won’t tell you.  The fact is, the low sexual drive can rain havoc in any relationship. So one of […]

How to Use a Vibrator 5 Types of Vibrators - 2021

How to Use a Vibrator: 5 Types of Vibrators – 2021

When partners were exploring ways to have great sexual experiences, they came across types of vibrators. Now they are part of people’s sexual lives bringing in more fun and enjoyment than ever before. For starters, let’s begin by defining vibrators. So, what is a vibrator? A vibrator is a sex tool that vibrates hence producing […]

How Can I Increase My Sex Drive

How Can I Increase My Sex Drive?

Sex strengthens most relationships, and lack of it can even lead to breakup if not well handled. One of the reasons that lead to no sexual intimacy in a relationship is low sex drive. It becomes worse when one partner has high libido while the other has a lower sex drive. That requires you to […]

What Causes Female Hysteria

What Causes Female Hysteria?

Female hysteria is not just a recent phenomenon. The condition has been in existence for as long as humanity itself. So, understanding it requires an in-depth understanding of its history and how physicians must have handled it.  While not exactly sure of the original causes, ancient thinkers and physicians often associated the various symptoms of […]

The Health Benefits of Sex Toys

The Health Benefits of Sex Toys

Sex keeps any relationship alive and healthy. But then some instances hinder sexual satisfaction like diseases or long-distance relationships and that’s where sex toys come in to save the day.  If these are your predicaments, you shouldn’t worry since sex toys are here to give you pleasure in the presence or absence of your partner.  […]

Are Vibrators Safe to Use in Early Pregnancy

Are Vibrators Safe to Use in Early Pregnancy

You have probably heard there are things you’re not allowed to do while pregnant, especially to do with vibrators. For example, some foods are not safe for a pregnant woman. Also, there are recommended seating and sleeping positions you should observe while pregnant. Is there any sexual restriction during early pregnancy? Do you know what […]

Photo of Woman Using Mobile

Why 82% of Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work   

If your once lively, flirty, and exciting long-distance relationship seems to be faltering, remember you are not alone. Research states that 82% of long-distance relationships fall along the way due to several reasons. These include communication issues, unmet expectations, and even cheating. While the beginning of any relationship, including a long-distance one, seems reassuring and […]

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