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ED Cures

A Guide to the Top Sex Toys for Men with ED

At least 30 million men are living with erectile dysfunction in the United States. If you suffer from ED, you owe it to yourself to see what sex toys can do for you. While sex toys aren’t ED Cures, they can definitely help you have a satisfying sex life, one that’s full of intimacy.

The only problem with buying sex toys is that many people don’t know where to begin. Trying to figure out what design, material, and size to get can be challenging. To help simplify things, we’ve put together this guide all about ED Sex Toys for men.

What sex toys for men are the best for ED? Read on to find out.

Sex Toys That Go Beyond ED Cures

A couple of the best sex toys to help with ED include penis pumps, cock rings (C-rings), and combo toys. You’re reading this article because you’re interested in sex toys that can help with ED. But it’s important to know that sex toys can do so much more than serve as ED Cures. 

To find the perfect sex toys for men, it helps if you know all of the benefits different designs can bring to the table. Along with helping you maintain your erection, the right toys can also help make it larger (and harder).

Even if you’re great at getting hard, the right C-ring can help you have a bigger, harder, longer boner. Many people also like the way certain sex toys and C-rings make their penis look. Your package will appear much larger, which is always a good thing.

Beyond Sex

Another reason to use sex toys is that it can increase the sensation of masturbating, having intercourse, or enjoying oral sex. For instance, C-rings are perfect for slowing down your blood flow and making the sensations less that much longer. Get ready for one of the most powerful orgasms of your entire life!

Taking things one step further, the right C-rings can help with clitoral stimulation. You can be getting and receiving pleasure all at the same time!

We also find that certain sex toys can make handjobs and oral sex extra fun. For instance, vibrating C-rings are perfect for sliding over your finger to give or receive the ultimate buzzworthy handjob. Gently wearing a C-ring while receiving oral sex can help you experience pleasure in a whole new light.  

Benefits of an Original Open Ring Design

Now that you know a few of the different benefits sex toys offer let’s talk about the various designs. When you have a clear goal for the bedroom, it’ll be easier to find the perfect sex toy that can help you achieve that goal. Remember, the goal can go far beyond helping with ED.

Think about your other sexual fantasies that you’d like to satisfy. For instance, were you looking for a toy that could help you have longer, harder erections, whether you’re having sex or masturbating?

Then you should check out what the original patented Omega Flex Open Ring has to offer. The safe design can help extend your sexual experience and take things to a whole new level.

If you’ve ever used a closed ring before and felt like it was too restrictive, you’ll love what the open ring design brings to the table. Thanks to the open-ended design, you’ll be able to enjoy an explosive climax that’s full of pleasure. 

Try Combo Sex Toys to Stimulate Erection

Do you want to enjoy the best of both worlds? Then you should splurge for a combo sex toy. You can find a wide range of C-rings that offer a little something extra for both of you in the bedroom.

You’ll be able to accentuate your sexy side, no matter what type of activity you’re getting into. For instance, you could look into getting a double-ended C-ring.

Double Ended

Double-ended C-rings are going to have two vibrating bullets attached at each end. It’s the ultimate way to enjoy pleasure for both parties in the bedroom! You’ll have twice the vibration for the clit, cock, balls, and anus.

Cage Rings

There are also cage C-rings. Don’t worry, it’s not a torture device!

Cage C-rings are soft and stretchy. You can wear them over the balls, and they’ll fit over your shaft too. Cage C-rings are the perfect way to make penetration more stimulating.

The exterior vibrator will be working magic on her clit. The ribbed edges will make everything feel so much more intense.

Vibrating Features

For another twist, try adding a vibrating C-ring to a butt plug and the other one directly to your penis. The results are incredible. Now you can start playing around with double penetration without sacrificing any pleasure.

Budgeting for the Best Sex Toys for ED

Now that you know about a few available options, let’s dive into the purchasing decision. For instance, what type of budget do you need to set aside for men’s sex toys? It will depend on precisely what type of toy and model you’d like to own.

You can easily find men’s sex toys under $20, but there are also ones that go well past the $100 mark. The more intricate the technology is, the more you expect to spend.

One of the most important things to pay attention to is the sex toys’ material. Whether you’re buying a C-ring, a penis pump, or some other toy, the material needs to be 100% body-safe.

Finding Body-Safe ED Sex Toys for Men

When you’re shopping for ED Sex Toys for men, what type of materials should you be looking for? Sex toys will fall into 2 major groups, non-porous and porous.

Porous sex toys are typically soft. However, they can have hard plastic parts. It’ll still be a porous toy, especially if it states it uses ABS plastic. If you didn’t know, ABS plastic is non-toxic and somewhat porous.

One of the things you have to be aware of with porous sex toys is that they can accumulate dirt or bacteria. If you’re not careful, you could give yourself or your partner an infection. The only way to keep a poor sex toy completely clean is by using a condom during penetration.

Porous materials include PVC, latex, silicone blends, rubber, and jelly. You also want to look into safe ways for disinfecting your porous sex toys.

Other materials that sex toys can be made out of include wood, glass, aluminum, ceramic, and even natural stone. It can also be completely body-safe if you’re using medical-grade stainless steel.

You’re mainly going to see borisicillate glass toys too. Whatever you do, avoid any type of painted glass sex toys since these can be unsafe. You should also keep an eye out for toys that use SCBS silicone, it’s one of the best options around. 

Phthalate Warning

Steer clear of phthalates. It’s another material some sex toys use, and it’s not a good one to invest in. Phthalates are chemicals that help make plastic soft and movable.

If phthalates help makes the plastic more bendable and movable, are phthalates-free toys stiff and hard? Not at all! Thanks to advancements in SCBS silicone, sex toys can still be super stretchy without containing phthalates.

Stretchy Sex Toys

If you were looking for a super flexible erection ring to help you have a more rigid, firmer erection. You’d want to look for a cannonball-style ring that’s made to prevent premature evacuate ejaculation.

As a bonus, the ring will also be able to help hold condoms in place, and it also will work great with a penis pump. Not only will you be able to find cannonball-style rings that are phthalate-free, but they can also be completely latex-free.

Stay Latex Free

Since latex is a porous material, it can be challenging to clean. Left uncleaned, latex sex toys can cause foul odors, and worse, infections.

By using latex-free products, the chances of having an allergic reaction or any type of problem or much less. You also won’t have to worry about your partner having an unwanted reaction to the latex material.

Instead, you’ll get to focus on having all of the fun all night long.

Waterproof Toys

It’s also a good idea to find completely waterproof sex toys. Waterproof toys are great for enjoying in the shower. Just get ready for things to be extra hot and steamy!

What Size Toy Should You Get?

Knowing what design and material toy is just the start. You also have to make sure that they’re the perfect fit. This is especially true if you’re going to be purchasing a C-ring.

Adjustable Toys

You can start off by looking for adjustable rings. Adjustable rings are great for people who have unique penis sizes. For instance, if you suspect that your package is slightly smaller or larger than average, you’ll want to find a ring that can provide a snug fit.

Lasso Design

The style of the ring will also play a role in how it fits on your penis. One of our favorite styles is the lasso ring style since you can adjust it to whatever your preferences.

If you don’t want to get an adjustable ring, the alternative would be to buy a stretchy gel erection ring. Look for a super flexible ring so that it won’t restrict your blood flow too much. You want the fit to be nice and snug, but it should never be so restrictive that it’s causing you pain.

Common Sizes

What are some of the most common sizes for C-rings? Large C-rings tend to be between 3/4 to 7/8 in. While medium rings tend to range between 1/2 an inch up to 3/4 of an inch.

Small rings will be around 3/8 of an inch maxing out at 1/2 an inch. Often, you can find sex toy packages that will give you a variety of sizes.

You can play with wearing the different-sized rings till you find the one that feels right for you. What if you’re not buying a package that provides multiple sizes or an adjustable ring? In that case, you could try measuring your penis to get the perfect fit.

Toys With a Perfect Fit

When shopping for sex toys, it helps if you know your penis size. That way you can find toys that are fun and comfortable for you to use.

The average penis size is right around 5.1 inches. The sizes you’ll see available for C-rings are based on the diameter of the ring.

Many manufacturers are going to be measuring the inside diameter of their C-rings. You’ll need to measure the circumference of your penis and then do a little bit of calculating to discover the diameter.

There are a lot of free online conversion tools that can convert your circumference into a diameter measurement.

ED Severity

The type of erectile dysfunction you’re dealing with will also play a role in the amount of tension you need the ring to have. Somebody with an advanced case of erectile dysfunction will require a more tense fit than somebody who’s only dealing with a mild case of ED.

You can think of the tension options as low, standard, and high. If you’re dealing with a low case of erectile dysfunction, get a low tension band.

If that’s not doing the trick, upgrade to a standard tension. If you’re certain that your erectile dysfunction is severe, start off with a high tension band.

Choosing the Right Sex Toys

It’s exciting to find out that sex toys can work as ED Cures and so much more. Since C-rings can be one of the easiest ED Sex Toys for men, we suggest beginning there.

Find out what size ring would suit you best, and if you’re not sure, get an adjustable model. Remember to look at the different features each ring offers, such as fun vibrating options, so you can make the perfect buy.

Every little bit you do to spice things up in the bedroom can make a big difference. Are you looking for more sex tips? Check out another one of our blog posts.

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