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Are Vibrators Safe to Use in Early Pregnancy

Are Vibrators Safe to Use in Early Pregnancy

You have probably heard there are things you’re not allowed to do while pregnant, especially to do with vibrators. For example, some foods are not safe for a pregnant woman. Also, there are recommended seating and sleeping positions you should observe while pregnant.

Is there any sexual restriction during early pregnancy? Do you know what you’re allowed to do or not to do in your bedroom while pregnant and why? Remember, if your pregnancy has high risks and many complications, your OB-GYN might warn you against some things.

However, in a low-risk pregnancy, you can have sex without restrictions. But are vibrators safe to use in early pregnancy? Read on and find more about the use of vibrators in pregnancy.

Are Vibrators Safe to Use While Pregnant?

Yes, vibrators are safe for use in any stage of pregnancy as long as it’s a low-risk pregnancy. You can have normal sex, masturbate and use a vibrator either internally or externally according to your preference. By doing this, you’ll reduce stress or some discomfort during pregnancy and understand your new pregnant body.

Remember, your baby is safe in the womb since the amniotic sac and the uterine muscles are there to protect them. Also, your body has a mucus plug that covers the cervix and protects you against infections. Finally, note that during vaginal penetration, either a vibrator or penis cannot reach your baby where it lies in the stomach.

Tips On Using Vibrators in Early Pregnancy

The following are ways or things you should do while using a vibrator in early pregnancy;

Consult with your doctor to ascertain if you’re at risk of developing complications¬†

If you use vibrators, don’t shy off talking to your doctor about it during pregnancy. Doing this will help you know if you’re safe to use the vibrator without developing any complications. It will also help you know if you can experience problems like bleeding, which means a vibrator isn’t safe in this case.

Ensure you clean your vibrators

To avoid having infections while using vibrators, ensure you clean them well before next use. First, clean it using a washcloth, hot soapy water, then dry it well before and after sex. Also, please keep it in a clean, dry place.

It would be best to be careful while washing it to avoid submerging unless it’s a waterproof vibrator. Note that you shouldn’t keep your vibrator near your phone or clothes to reduce the chances of interacting with germs from those objects.

Avoid using the same vibrator for your vagina and rear entry

You can use the same vibrator in or around your vagina but don’t use the same vibrator for rear entry. That will help you reduce the chances of getting infections.

Also, be cautious while using the vibrator on your back door to prevent triggering hemorrhoids which most women experience during pregnancy. Applying pressure on hemorrhoids will make it bleed some the vibrator can cause.

Read the vibrator description well before use

Before using any vibrator, ensure you read its instructions. Most erotic lubes or lotions have scents or ingredients which can irritate your sensitive tissue leading to infections. Getting infections during pregnancy is not safe since it can harm the child or mother if not noticed on time.

To identify the products you shouldn’t use on your vagina, test them on your eyes. If they irritate your eyes, don’t use them down there. For example, products with mint, which is for cooling, or capsaicin for warming contain sugar that can cause yeast infection.

To have an easy time knowing which products you shouldn’t use, look for descriptions saying -not for use by pregnant women or external use only. If they read that, don’t buy them.

Don’t use vibrators made of some materials

Before using any vibrator, look at its material composition. For example, some plastic vibrators have phthalates, a compound that can interfere with your body hormones. So, if you’re yet to buy your vibrator, check if it’s phthalate-free.

Don’t be rough

Whether pregnant or not, if you want to use a vibrator, understand that it’s harder and more potent than a natural penis. Remember, during pregnancy, your cervix is more delicate and requires great care.

So do it gently and slowly to avoid being rough or pushing too hard to harm you. Sex should be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Don’t be rough not only on your vagina but also on other parts like nipples which are sensitive during pregnancy. Also, avoid some sex positions and bondage since your joints are weaker and loose in preparation for labor to prevent injuries.

Be creative

Being creative applies mainly when your doctor advised you to avoid penetrative sex. Doing this will help you reduce your sexual urge and enjoy sex differently. Instead, use the vibrator to stimulate other erogenous parts of your body.

Pay much attention to your body

If you’re using a vibrator, you should pay much attention to your body. Through this, you’ll know when you’re uncomfortable, bleeding, or having any injury from using the vibrator. In addition, sometimes hormonal or physical change because of pregnancy might force you to use lube or change sex position to be comfortable.

Why You Should Use Vibrator in Early Pregnancy

Most women experience hormonal, physical, and emotional changes during early pregnancy, making them not like sex. Using a vibrator can help change the situation by bringing you to a mood.

That can further get you and your partner close, preventing breaking the relationship bond. It will also help you enjoy sex after experiencing sexual pleasure.

Using a vibrator, even if you don’t allow it to penetrate your vagina, can help you achieve orgasm. Through orgasm, your body will release chemicals to your bloodstream, improving your moods and making you relax.

Remember, pregnancy can make you experience mood swings and anxiety, but having sex can reduce that. In addition, not having stress during early pregnancy reduces your chances of having a miscarriage and allowing the growth of a healthy baby.

Having an orgasm makes your body release oxytocin into your bloodstream. Oxytocin chemical helps encourage contractions in a pregnant woman. Using a vibrator will make you orgasm and, in the end, help you relax your muscles and reduce joint pain which is a common problem in early pregnancy.

When not to Use Vibrators in Early Pregnancy

Although you can use a vibrator during early pregnancy, there are instances where it’s not advisable to do so. One of the instances includes if you have a vaginal infection which can worsen if you do penetrative sex, especially without cleaning the toy.

It would help if you also avoided vibrators after having a miscarriage before the current pregnancy.¬† Also, if you’re at risk of undergoing premature labor, using vibrators is not recommended. Finally, you should ask your doctor what sex is safe for you since having an orgasm can lead to contractions.

Suppose you have got a placenta previa. This condition can lead to contractions from an orgasm that result in bleeding and interfere with your pregnancy.

If at all you’re bleeding while pregnant, you shouldn’t use vibrators. Also, if you’re expecting more than one baby, you shouldn’t opt for a vibrator. Finally, don’t use a vibrator if your soul mate has an STI, which can later cause reinfection.

What Kind of Vibrators Can You Use in Early Pregnancy?

If you’ve never used a vibrator before in any of your pregnancies but wish to do so, it’s advisable to;

It’s advisable to use low-intensity vibrators since pregnancy makes you sensitive around your genitals which can’t injure you.

You should also go for a longer vibrator which will not make you bend much while inserting it into your vagina.

Avoid using a huge vibrator which can make you uncomfortable or cause pain.

Tips On How to Use a Vibrator for A First Timer in Early Pregnancy

If you’ve never used vibrators before but feel like including them during pregnancy, do so. It can help you spice your love. Through them, you’ll defeat the challenges that pregnancy comes with, like lack of sexual interest.

The tips will also help you reduce the insecurities and intimidation of using vibrators with your partner to enhance sex.

Here are the ways to get out of the cocoon and use a vibrator for the first time;

Talk to your partner

If you want to introduce a vibrator in your bedroom, first, talk to your partner about it. Bringing the vibrator without informing him can shock them and cause unnecessary conflicts. Next, speak with your soulmate and tell him how the pregnancy has interfered with your sexual urge.

Finally, explain to him why you want to spice the bedroom so that your love doesn’t reduce.

However, initiating this talk is never easy, but introducing the topic if you two love dirty talks. Introduce it as one of your fantasies wishes so that your partner won’t refuse it, especially if you understand each other. Also, ask to know how your partner feels about it some days before using the vibrator.

Learn or teach your partner how to use it

After agreeing to use the vibrator, you should learn how to use it. If your partner doesn’t have a clue on how to use it, teach them. Doing this is not hard since no one hates seeing their loved one enjoy sexual pleasure.

If you fear doing this together, record yourself in the act or download a video from YouTube and watch it together. Teaching your partner what to do to your body will also help you achieve orgasm and enjoy sex, which is challenging in early pregnancy.

Assure your partner of your love

Using a vibrator in the presence of your partner can intimidate or make them feel less of a man. To avoid doing this, assure him of your undying love.

Let him understand you don’t intend to leave him for the vibrator, nor is his penis not satisfying you. Let him know how sweet his penis is, more endearing than the latex for him not to lose his esteem.

Don’t allow the vibrator to be the center stage of your sex life¬†

If you’re near your partner, don’t over-rely on the vibrator since that will make him feel less important. Instead, you can use the vibrator to stimulate your clit while allowing him to penetrate you.

Or use it on other sensitive parts to add pleasure as he does his thing on you. Doing this will increase the connection between you and not make him feel useless in your sexual life.

However, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s fine to do that. You are, in this case, free to do whatever pleases you with the vibrator as long as it doesn’t harm your body.

Which Vibrator to Buy While Pregnant?

If you have a low-risk pregnancy, then any type of vibrator is acceptable as long as it’s comfortable. For example, you can opt for a clitoral stimulator which can help increase sexual pleasure. It’s ideal for clitoral orgasm during early pregnancy when your sexual drive is low.

The clitoral vibrator can help you get into the mood faster and also achieve orgasm. You can buy the rechargeable or battery-operated clitoral stimulator.

A g-spot vibrator is ideal for you if your pregnancy hormones can’t allow you to sex with your partner. Although these are extreme cases, some women experience this. But with a g spot stimulator, you can orgasm and release essential chemicals that help reduce stress.

Note that the vibrators come in different sizes and shapes, so you buy one according to your preference.

You can shop for the best vibrators online and spice your sex life during the horrible first trimester. Remember to go for what you’re comfortable using and include your partner in the selection to avoid conflicts. Also, choose a suitable material that will not cause you harm.

Can Vibrators Cause Miscarriage?

If you fear exploring your sexual fantasies during early pregnancy for fear of miscarrying, here’s good news. Nothing will happen to you if you use a vibrator in your early pregnancy if it’s a low-risk pregnancy.

All you need to do is take care of it to avoid injuries or infections.

Can You Use Bullet Vibrators in Early Pregnancy?

Bullet vibrators are the best for a shy woman who doesn’t want people to know about her sex toys. That is because it’s tiny and not intimidating, so your partner can feel intimidated about them if you introduce them.

Using them is also simple and is pocket-friendly, so you still spare some cash for baby stuff. You can also use it anywhere in your body, making it ideal for experimenting with new spots.


Using vibrators in early pregnancy can help you cope with hormonal, physical, and emotional changes. However, to enjoy the experience buy the right size that will not cause pain or make you uncomfortable.

Also, ensure you take good care of it by cleaning and keeping it in a dry place. Remember to involve your partner in this journey to avoid making him feel intimidated.

Don’t forget to consult with your doctor before using vibrators if your pregnancy is of high risk. Finally, do your research well, spice your sexual life, reduce stress, and achieve orgasm with the best vibrator.



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