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How to Make Sex Toys

Adult toys are fascinating for the fact that they are easily within our reach. Over time the dynamics in the fields of pleasure have changed.

It is not very uncommon to find very many ready-to-use types of equipment at your disposal that works best for you.

We have compiled a list of the sex toys that are easily within your reach. Sexologists and sex toy experts would also recommend the list below to get you started in your bedroom rendezvous.

  1. Cucumber & banana

The infamous cucumber doubles up as a homemade sex toy. First, wrap it with a condom and use it to lightly stroke your partner’s labia. It comes in the perfect shape and size of a dildo.

The cucumber and banana offer the same tingling sensations as you would achieve with a dildo. The difference is that the cucumber and the banana are cheap and readily available.

Never miss a moment to have untold amounts of pleasure by using these sex toys.

  • Removable shower head

Who would have thought that the removable shower head could double up as a cleaning and pleasure tool? It is ideal equipment offering untold pleasure on the clit. The best way of getting dirty while getting clean is by using the showerhead to stimulate the clitoris.

By gently handling the hand-held shower head, stimulate the clitoris with a water-based vibrator. The best way of finding the perfect clitoral sensations for you is by holding the showerhead directly above your clit and balancing the water pressure to achieve insane sexual pleasure.  The droplets hit the hood of the vagina to give tingling sensations.

  • Cell phone

It should not come as a surprise that cell phones can double up as vibrators. I know that you aren’t surprised as the cell phone already vibrates.  There are phone apps to get you started.  You can control the on and off time in the apps that you will download.

The Health and Fitness segment in the iTunes stores has applications that automatically turn your mobile gadget into a vibrator. Make sure to download a couple of apps as they are mostly free. Proceed to cover your phone with a silicon-based wrapping and insert it inside your nether regions. Enjoy the power of the vibrating phone. It may not always get you shaking and throwing up the juices from the clitoral stimulation and making sensual insane sounds.

  • Chopsticks

Who knew that the chopsticks could double up as pleasure sticks? With the chopsticks, the targeted area is nipple stimulation. By clumping the chopsticks together with a small elastic band at the ends, chopsticks can work as a bedroom pleasure tool.

Chopsticks work best as nipple clamps for stimulation. It can be used for striking and stimulating the labia.

The resulting sensations you experience are mind-blowing to give you orgasms from the clitoral rubbing.

  • Mouthwash

Mouthwash usage for sex might leave you with an unforgettable experience. As you are performing oral sex, you can insert an ice cube in your mouth. The ice, however, melts soon. However, using the mouthwash as an alternative is a wise thing since the after-effect created is one of a kind.

By bubbling mouthwash in your mouth or using mint, it is going to leave tingling excitements, something that everybody would long for during oral sex.

Mouthwash use can make you achieve a very sensual and unforgettable moment with your partner.

  • Pillows

While pillows may not offer a much-needed penetrative feeling, they play a crucial role as a sexual pleasure toy. A pillow should be an accompaniment to a great pleasure getaway in discovering your pleasures.

A pillow can perfectly take up the position of your partner by stroking against a pile to stimulate the clitoral hood for more gleeful moments. It is perfect for masturbation.

Much pleasure can be achieved by using the pillow and even the towel. Both act as the vital pleasure giver away from the penetrative sex.

Grab your pillow and do what’s best for your kitty.

  • Hairbrush

The hairbrush is another famous home-tool that doubles up as a sex toy.

When used to spank the butt, the pricky side leaves chilling sensual sensations. The other rough side with prickles, on the other hand, when softly dragged over the smacked bum, leaves extreme exciting feelings.

The hairbrush can further be used on the inner thighs and even on the torso by drawing the brush in long hits. Applying a considerable amount of pressure while checking out your partner’s reaction can be an awesome getaway into discovering more sex toys within your reach in the house. The effect is a hard feeling that sets the mood during foreplay for greater sexual activity.

Just ensure you clean it with enough water and detergent.

  • Tie and belt

Just like the belt, the tie can be used to achieve aggressive levels of pleasure. The tie is used during bondage to restraint your partner for a steamy sexual experience. They are perfect for kinky and steamy bondage sex.

By simply removing your partner’s tie and belt, you are up for a breathtaking moment. You don’t have to invest in whips, chains, and other funny restraining toys for sexual pleasure. By restraining your partner, you gain total domination for both oral and penetrative sex.

  • Electric Toothbrush

The powerful vibrations can stimulate your clitoris for untold amounts of joy.

With your partner’s clit exposed, use the non-brittle part while vibrating to achieve untold amounts of joy. Lightly stroke and turn on the vibrator, the labia will experience great pleasure.

Wondering how to achieve the best orgasmic feeling? Use your electric toothbrush for endless self-pleasure.

  • Coconut oil

Who knew that coconut oil could make its way to the bedroom? It comes in handy as a lube for easy penetration. However, the coconut oil you are choosing should be chemical-free and with no preservatives.

Oil-based lube works best with latex for better results. A condom can break because the oils can wear out the unity of the latex. Sexual experts urge the need to use new oils to eliminate cases of contamination.


The pleasure industry is a multi-billion venture with sexual materials flooding the market. From erotic films to pleasure tool, man has achieved a lot in realizing pleasurable bedroom moments. The expensive sex toys present in the market should not stop you and your partner from having untold amounts of pleasure. Grab the list above and start your journey of untold orgasms and clitoral sensations. Have fun!

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