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Sex Toys for the Husband

With the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, we are all bored and aroused. For men, sex toys are the greatest way to kick-starting and boosting your life right in the middle of the pandemic. It has become evident that life can suddenly come to a halt,  all of us can be holed up at home. Having sex toys in the modern sex-friendly society isn’t much of a big deal anymore.

Sex toys for men come in handy to relieve the over-used hand during masturbation. Technology has made it possible for the manufacture of the latest and fascinating sex toys. Sex toys do what you and your partner couldn’t achieve easily despite your sexual prowess.

For men, it is not easy to stimulate the prostate alone due to the limiting factors of anatomy. Butt plugs and speed prostate massages come in handy.

It is now time to explore the vast world of sex toys for men. These toys can be used solo or used with a partner. Are you in quarantine alone? Don’t worry there are plenty of sex toys to use on your own.

It is important to rubbish the thought that’s always hindering you from exploring sex toys and experiencing untold pleasure. As the wife, you should recommend the below sex toys for your husband for maximum pleasure.

Gentlemen, let’s get started.

  • Vibrating electric prostate massager

It is not ideal for starters. It comes with separated attachments that work to energize, stimulate, and massage delicate erogenous areas. The first part extends deeper to stimulate the inner walls of the anus. The second part prods the prostate while the final extension clasps the gooch (the area between the anus and the scrotal sac of the testicles).

The powerful vibrations enable one to achieve a relaxing feeling.

  • We-vibe pivot

is the Cadillac of cock-rings. Despite being fitted with features that allow for the self-control of vibrations, We-Vibe Pivot is fitted with the mobile-phone applications. The vibrations can be customized and directly controlled from every corner of the planet. Isn’t t this an awesome sex toy to have in your bedside drawer?

The remote-control features make it easier to be used during meal times. It is specifically good in the evenings to achieve untold sexual pleasure for daddy at the dining table.

The small size makes it easy to use and to walk around with while experiencing breathtaking moments.

  • Easy Tenga egg beat masturbator

This is a jerk-off toy for a quick nut. The intriguing part is that it is egg-shaped but on opening the sucker, you will be in for a rude shock. You will have the most memorable pleasurable moment.

The egg beat masturbator is made with a soft elastic elastomer. The loose-limbed interior covers the manhood to give you a worthwhile experience that you haven’t experienced yet in your lifetime.

If you nut quickly, no one will create a fuss. You can use it as many times as you want as long as it is kept clean.

  • Cyberskin elite jackhammer

The investment that has gone into creating an almost real sexual experience is insane. It is an important bedroom accessory for men who are into sex toys and much more pleasure.

This sex toy is made with CyberSkin to imitate the real skin. The elite jackhammer has adjustable temperature features that warm up to reasonable body temperature levels.

The openings include the vaginal and the anus. It is fitted with regulators that massage and vibrate to offer untold amounts of pleasure. Cyberskin elite jackhammer is the closest sex toy to real sex as it does almost everything that you and your partner would.

For every man looking to having more sexual pleasure, the Cyberskin elite jackhammer is the perfect headstart.

  • Vedo  Hummer  masturbator

The Vedo Hummer is a lustrous masturbator and a blow job sex toy. By using electricity and revolutionary suction technology, it gives mind-blowing blow jobs.

The luxury sexual set aims at achieving a near-perfect oral stimulation of the member. With up to five controls for speed and functions, you are on a getaway journey to untold oral pleasurable moments by personalizing the control settings.

The thump sleeve is squashy and tenacious to give a firm grip. The powerful masturbator can run up to 20 speeds and over 100 sucking stimulations in one minute.

Crazy speeds and pleasure? That’s exactly what you should get on your bedside drawer for an untold pleasurable moment.

  • Fun Factory anal beads

The Flexi Felix anal beads are a popular sex toy. They comprise of soft and easy-to-work-with silicone beads.

The anal beads compared with other beads, are generally small. This feature makes it possible to be used by beginners.

It does not present an unsettling feeling because of the moderate increase in the sizes, making it suitable for bedroom games.

  • Ring O erection rings

The three cock rings perform different functions to offer the best erection experience. The cock rings come in different sizes.

One of the stiff cock rings can double up as a clitoral stimulator to your partner while simultaneously delaying your ejaculations.

The big ring is ideal for men with a bigger cock. If your husband is lucky with one, then there you go. The tiny cock ring is the most rigid to offer extra hardness on your cock for more pleasure.

The ring 0 erection rings are perfect for your husband for untold sexual performance in the bedroom.

  • Fleshlight porn star

The sex toy manufacturers have successfully managed to re-create the body features of your husband’s favorite porn star.

To help your husband achieve more in the bedroom, consider ordering his best fleshlight porn star sex toy from the numerous sex toy manufacturers. Get your husband’s favorite porn star customized fleshlight into your bedroom and delve into the bottomless pits of pleasure.


Sexual pleasure is an individual’s responsibility. Your husband doesn’t have to go through the hustle of acquiring a good sex toy list. Make this article useful by purchasing the above sex toys for him and experience a wonderful fun-filled pleasurable sexual moments in the bedroom. Make sure to regulate their use as they can become quite addictive. You don’t want to watch your husband nutting away his precious time on some sex toys.

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