Screaming O Ring O Pro X 3

Screaming O Ring O Pro X 3


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Screaming O RingO Pro X3 3 True Silicone cock rings for 3 unique sensations. 3 silicone cock rings for 3 different sensations. Wide stretchy bands for secure stay put fit. Made of lab tested, body safe True Silicone. Reusable and easy to clean. Explore the exciting world of cock rings with the RingO Pro X3 variety pack: three sizes for three different sensations, all made of durable and body safe True Silicone. These dependable cock rings are soft, smooth, and stretchy to assure a perfect fit and feature a wide band with a rounded interior for a more comfortable feel against sensitive skin. Compatible with most lubricants, including high quality silicone lubricants. RingO Pro X3 cock rings are reusable and simple to care for: after each use, simply wash with soap and warm water and store way from dust or lint so they are ready to go next time you are. Cock rings are popular for their enhancing effects. Some people enjoy wearing a cock ring for a more prominent bulge in their pants while others prefer wearing cock rings in the buff for their aesthetic appeal. Some users even report having longer lasting, more satisfying sex while wearing a cock ring. To safely wear your new RingO Pro X3, start with a flaccid or semi erect penis and, because these cock rings are stretchy, choose a size that is slightly smaller than the diameter of your penis or penis and testicles, depending on where you choose to wear the cock ring. As your penis grows erect, the cock ring will feel tighter. Using lubricant can help make it easier to put on. Just take care not to accidentally pull on pubic hair! First, stretch the ring wide and carefully pull the scrotum and testicles through the ring. Next, pull the penis through the ring and adjust it at the base of the penis. Do not bend or push an erect penis through, as this can cause injury. With the RingO Pro X3, choose from L, XL, or XXL sizes and experiment with cock ring enhancement with one easy value priced purchase! 

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