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How to Use Sex Toys

Sex toys have been in existence for about 30,000 years, and they have evolved a lot since then. Everyday people out there are inventing new sex toys. An example is the clitoral suction vibrators. Having a sex toy in the past was kind of a taboo, but with the recent openness towards sexuality and an increase in sexual awareness, there is a positive impact on the use of sexual toys. The attitude has promoted its availability in online and local stores.

Take precautions and use sex toys from verified retailers to prevent cancer or infertility. Sex toys are categorized as either external or internal toys, blowout sleeves, cock rings and anal toys. There are so many options out there but how do we use them? And how much more can we get out of our toy-assisted pleasure?

Here is a guide on how to use the most common sex toys and what they are great for.


You can’t talk about sex toys without mentioning dildos, most people enjoy using them. They are also known as “pulsators”. Just like the suggests, they expand back and forth. Operate the dildo using your hand. Use these puppies to first tease your vulva and when you are completely turned on, insert it inside. For advanced penetrative sex in the event that you have no partner to help, dildos come in handy. Insert it inside your vagina or anus.

Nipple clamps

If you enjoy nipple pinching then nipple clamps will become your best friend. These clamps have screws that decrease and increase in intensity when placed on the nipples. Many nipple clamps are connected by a metal chain. The heavier the chain the more pressure is put on the nipples. Start with a pair of light chains and proceed to heavier ones for an extreme experience.

They can be a little bit intimidating at first so try playing with it below or above your nipples. Later on, place it in the preferred position and apply your desired strength. You can either do it yourself or with your partner.

Clitoral suction vibrators

If you enjoy masturbating, never had an orgasm, or you have been struggling to get one, this is the toy to go for. Position it on the opening of your clit to feel instant pleasure. For a good fitting with the toy, gently spread your labia. To ensure it is not sucking up dry skin, a drop of lube will be perfect.

Finger vibrators

Add a little texture to your fingers and wear it like a ring. Wherever your finger goes the vibration follows. Use a lubricant and place it over the clitoris. You can use it to stimulate or tease your partner and let the vibration go over their inner thighs, hips, and nipples. Adjust your vibrator to a perfect position. Don’t place it too far, towards or down your finger. This makes it more difficult to control.


Get used to your gear. Wear it around the house while doing your daily chores to get more comfortable with it. Give yourself time and develop a connection while it’s on your body. If you are alone, masturbate with your dildo while playing with other parts of your body. If your partner is around then start making out while you already have them on. Let them appreciate you in them. You can also use it for penetration. Use a good amount of lube when you decide to. For thrusting motions, I think you’ll need a little more muscle.

Rabbit vibrators

This is a two in one stimulator. It lets you enjoy internal vibrations through a penetration in the vagina, while giving you external clitoral stimulation as well. Use it to thrust. Set the vibrations to your liking in terms of pace and movement. Push on and place your vibrator inside and enjoy it.

Double-ended dildos

This is meant for couples with two vaginas. Double-ended dildos allow double penetrations at the same time. If you are alone, bend the left-out end and let it penetrate you in two places. If you are with your partner, carefully insert the small sculpted end inside them and penetrate your partner using the base. Use normal sex moves and positions but don’t forget to use more lube. Double-ended dildos bring extra stimulation because of their vibration.

Vibrating panties

Panty vibrators are clitoral stimulators. It’s used to stimulate your outer vagina. The elevation in the center rubs your clit to give you maximum pleasure.

You can either have a high-tech panty with inbuilt vibrators that have a cord or the more advanced wireless panties. This connects the remote to your underwear. Let your partner have the remote and be subject to their craze. You can also have the model that lets someone take control of you from anywhere in the world using a smartphone by downloading the required app. For a less high-tech panty vibrator, stroke your bullet vibrator to turn it off and on.

Hands-free vibrators

These toys help you rub the top of your clitoris or any other tender area effortlessly. Lay back and insert your toy. Do not clench your legs so that the vibrator does not fall out. Put the preferred settings that you crave for or let your partner have control of the vibration by having the remote.

Butt plug

They look like mini-dildos. Use it to experiment on anal stimulation. Work your way up, trying out the different sizes of the butt plug, that is if you have a set. While you have the plug, masturbate on your clit or the vagina. Use your app or remote to control the various levels of vibration.

Penis rings

The ringsare made of silicone material so they are able to stretch over the penis and testicles. Putting on a penis ring will enable you to last longer throughout the intercourse. That’s because penis rings limit blood flow so that you can maintain an erection.

Take your penis ring and apply lubricant, slide it in on a penis that is not erected. As you erect, the ring tightens. Start with the shaft of the penis then stretch it over on the testicles. Let your partner ride on top to control the vibrating sensation of the clitoris.

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