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How to Make Sex Toys for Men

Are you a single, horny and bored guy who probably wants to blow some sexual steam off? Are you too shy or lazy to order a male sex toy? Homemade toys are exactly what you need. They will elevate your sexual life.

Men’s sex toys have come a long way. If your bedside drawer is empty and you have no sex toys to stimulate your desires, worry not, here is a DIY guide on how you can give your penis a treat. Learn how to make sex toys and bring in new sensations to your body. For comfortability and sanitary purposes ensure that you have a glove, lube, and a condom.

Desperation brings out so much creativity. Every household item can be pussy potential. It all depends on your craftsmanship and imagination. Let’s look at some of the usual household items that you can use to rub your manhood and find a exciting sensation:

The towel

A towel brings out a fuzzy texture that you can enjoy after soaking it in warm water. The towel brings out a better sensation than the sock. You can use your towel manually or place it in between your mattress

Roll out your towel on a flat surface. Stretch out your condom inside it and tightly roll it up. Pull an extra inch of the condom over the edges and secure it using a rubber band. Apply your lube and have fun. You can have a hands-free experience by placing it in between your cushions.

Sock masturbator

If you are more of a cloth person than plastic person, then all you need is a sock that suits your penis size, a lotion, or lube to act as a lubricant, a latex glove, and a rubber band.

Line the interior of your sock with a latex glove and fill it up with a lubricant of your choice. Leave folds in the latex gloves to experience vaginal ridges. Roll the edges of your latex and tie the sock using your rubber band to secure the ends.

The pillow

Find a reason to invest in extra pillows. This a lazy homemade sex toy for men. It’s very simple, just kneel and have your penis placed between your pillow and the bed. Put some weight on the pillow using an object or even your hand to get the friction you desire.

Ice pack gel

Try using two reusable gel ice packs for a firm fleshy texture. In between your gel ice packs place your condom, secure their edges with a rubber band. You can make the experience more enjoyable by using a warm water bath to warm your gel packs. Ice packs can hold a certain amount of heat. This makes you get the body temperature feel while jerking off.

Go bananas

Go for that banana that is lying idle on top of your kitchen counter in the fruit bowl. Gently cut off the tip at the stem and ensure you squeeze out all the flesh. If there are any bits of banana inside flush it using water. Shake it dry and let it have a spin inside your microwave for it to be warm and soft. Let it heat up a little bit and once it’s ready squeeze in some lubricant. Wear your condom and have fun using your banana peel pussy.

Watermelon vagina

Melons are not only great for barbecues but they are also great in the bedroom. Take your seedless fruit and slice it into two. You only need half of it. Cut a hole in it and scoop out the flesh that’s the size of your penis or a little bit smaller. You can now pump it, with all the moisture in the fruit trust me it’s going to be sloppy and messy.

Soft sponges

Look for a tube and wedge two soft sponges. A hole is left in the middle. Find sponges that are of your penis size to make it perfect. For a more exciting experience, soak the sponges in water beforehand. Insert your latex glove, apply the lube, and there you have it.

Pipe blow job

Have you ever tried giving yourself a job? If not, then this is how you can make it possible. Buy a PVC pipe insulation that is tight and wide enough to fit your penis. Cut it down to leave a length that covers your mouth and your erect penis. Apply some lube at the end of the penis. While sitting down get into the pipe and focus on moving your hips while thrusting. Place your mouth at the end and suck. Be careful not to end up with a face full of cum.

Plush toys

Cuddly toys can also make very effective sex toys for men. Just put a hole the size of your penis on the toy. Apply lube and don’t forget to wear a condom. Enjoy.

Toothbrush butt plugs

Most of these electric toothbrushes are used by women but men can try it out too. They are easily accessible and their vibrations make it great for an anal play during your solo-time. Use the ends with no bristles and don’t forget to lube it up. Be careful while using it because it doesn’t have a flared end so that it doesn’t stick inside you.

Toilet roll

This is the go-to sex toy for horny men because it’s simple, soft and easily accessible. Remove the inner cardboard layer and remain with the core. Put a condom inside and leave an inch hanging at the end. Secure it using a rubber band and have fun pumping it.

Squid pussy

For a real experience, go for the squid pussy. It’s not for the fainthearted though. Buy some calamari and place aside a squid that fits your penis size. Remove all the other parts and remain with the body. Clean the interior properly and let it dry. Pour your desired amount of lube inside and there you go, enjoy.


Grab your grapefruit and make a penis sized hole in it. Its fleshy texture brings in a whole new experience that is as good as a sex toy. Ensure you apply lube and wear a condom before diving in.

Have fun with a bubble wrap

Most people overlook this potential male sex toy. Replace your latex glove with this bubble wrap in some of the DIYs mentioned above such as the warm towel. Wrap your towel with a bubble wrap and apply some lube, finally enjoy the bubble wrap texture.

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