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Smart Sex Toys!

5 Reasons Why Smart Vibrators Are Your Next Must Have Adult Toy

Sex toys have been a part of human culture for a very long time. In fact, the oldest dildo that has ever been dug up was a carved stone phallus discovered in Germany by archeologists back in 2005. The scientific team who found it stated that it was 28,000 years old and was used as both a sexual aid and to form other, softer stones like flint. Very handy. 


While the ingenuity of the past should be celebrated, we can be glad these days that we have more advanced sex toys that are less phallic and more customized for different forms of enjoyment. Nowhere do we see that becoming more the norm than in the world of smart vibrators. 


What Are Smart Vibrators? 


A smart vibrator is a sex toy that is made with additional features that are more technology heavy than the classic models they are based on. Many are WIFI compatible and designed to give you – and a partner, if you choose – greater capabilities that spice up the kinkier side of your bedroom. 


These fantastic feats of sexual stimulation have been around for awhile. But for the first time, we are seeing items hit the market that are more affordable for the average budget. You no longer have to break the bank to get your groove on. 


Personally, I would recommend a smart vibrator or equivalent for anyone on the lookout for something that will add a bit more skip to their step. Here are five reasons why: 


Smart Vibrator Reason #1 – They Create Intimacy In Spite of Distance


My partner and I both travel a lot, usually separately. We may be apart for weeks at a time, which can be a real drag on our intimacy. That’s why we were so pumped to find out about smart vibrators that can be controlled remotely. These modern marvels allow you to download an app that gives you internet-run access to the toy. 


Just imagine being in another state, or even another country, yet still being able to get your loved one off. For me and my partner, it has certainly made video chats a lot more enjoyable, wherever we might be in the world. 


Smart Vibrator Reason #2  – You Can Improve Your Sex Life…and Track It


While not technically vibrators, there are some awesome smart devices that are made for practicing and tracking your kegels. What does this have to do with your sex life? Kegels are a guaranteed method of getting that pelvic floor healthier and that means a tighter vaginal canal. 


Studies have also found that kegel exercises increase blood circulation to the area. More blood means greater sensitivity, which might just add some more zing to your orgasms and help women to reach that point more easily. 


A smart kegel toy slips in, lets you do your exercises and tracks your progress on an app. Within a few weeks of using one, you should see a marked difference in your pelvic floor strength. This is even better for women who have recently had a baby and are trying to heal, or who have trouble controlling their bladders. 


Smart Vibrator Reason #3 – They Bring New Levels of Pleasure


Without naming a specific brand, I want to tell you about my favorite smart vibrator (and favorite toy) of the moment. It is a wearable panty vibrator that connects to an app. It has a magnetic clasp that sets it in place anywhere in the panties. It can be controlled within 45 feet of anywhere I stand, or 25 feet of anywhere I sit. 


As you can imagine, my partner and I have had some very fun, discreet public fun using this little gadget. 


Each experience using this smart vibrator has been incredible, whether in the bedroom or on a mountain hike. It has introduced a new element to my sex life that I never would have discovered had it not been for a more advanced toy.


Depending on what your turn ons might be, you may find the same exhibitionist streak satisfied. Beyond that, just the chance to have a more intense climax is going to be a boon to your overall experience. 


Smart Vibrator Reason #4  – They Are Made For Everyone…Really! 


There is a misconception that smart vibrators (or vibrators in general) are made only for women, to use alone. That just isn’t true! Not only are these wonderful, wiley tools made for anyone to enjoy, but they have models designed for anyone’s circumstances. 


Double penetration, simulated oral sex, strap ons, strokers…you can find just about anything on the digital shelves on the web these days. Whether you are male, female, intersex, gay, straight or anything in between, you are sure to see something out there that tickles your fancy. The inclusiveness of the sex toy market has been inspiring. 


Smart Vibrator Reason #5 – They Are More Affordable Than Ever


I remember a few years ago looking into a smart vibrator that had that long distance play feature my partner and I were interested in. The toy that had the best reviews was almost $300! And that was one of the lower costs of the options available. I was stunned. How was anyone supposed to afford that, regardless of quality? 


Today, a similar toy from another brand is less than half that cost. Not only is it cheaper, but the reviews are better and there are a couple more bells and whistles thrown into the mix. Needless to say, I got my first smart vibrator in the past year and I have never looked back. 


Anyone can now check out a smart vibrator without giving an arm and a leg for it. Which is good, because you will want to enjoy the tingling down every limb. 


The World of Sex Toys Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger


Smart vibrators are awesome because they provide variety in a market that has been stagnating in creativity. We don’t just have the same old hard plastic clitoral stimulators, or vibrating silicone dildos. Men don’t have to rely on boring masturbators. Couples are no longer disappointed by the hands free products that never quite bring about the bliss they expected.  


There are plenty of options to select from, all for different needs and with different prices. No one has to go away empty handed. 

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