Frisky Bedroom Restraint Kit

Frisky Bedroom Restraint Kit


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Frisky Bedroom Restraint Kit from XR Brands. The Frisky Bedroom Restraint Kit is portable and easily restrains with H-shaped straps that fit underneath any size bed and reach around to securely cuff ankles and wrists and restrict movement. The sturdy Neoprene cuffs are soft and comfortable, yet close securely with heavy duty Velcro. Swivel clips attach the cuffs to straps underneath the mattress. Enjoy putting your partner in compromising positions as you tease and please them until you decide they are released! Measurements four restraint straps and connector strap adjust up to approximately 48 inches in length, cuffs adjustable up to approximately 16 inches around. Materials Neoprene, Velcro, nylon and metal. Color Black. Note includes four cuffs and H-shaped restraint strap. Adjusts to fit any size mattress. Portability allows you to turn any bed into a sexy restraint. Can be arranged to work with multiple restraint positions on back, on stomach, hog tie, etc. Fun and flirty! Perfect for curious couples and lively ladies, Frisky is an approachable line of entry level bondage and pleasure toys. Flirtatious and light, this collection invites a broad spectrum of adults to experiment with their fantasies. Frisky allows sex to be playful, thrilling, and adventurous, introducing a variety of new bedroom ideas with welcoming packaging and excellent price points. Sexual exploration is exciting and accessible with Frisky! XR Brands – Frisky 2022.

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